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Lyndene Hotel Blackpool is a friendly place to stay

Want to travel in Blackpool and enjoy your stay in a friendly atmosphere, visit Lyndene Hotel Blackpool, a family-owned 2-star hotel with all the amenities and facilities of a five-star hotel? The hotel has been servicing the populace and visitors of Blackpool for twenty five years now and it has been a favourite hangout for local and foreign guests who travelled from distant lands by plane or by train. What makes Lyndene Hotel unique from other hotels is its beautifully-crafted promenade which gives visitors a hospitable ambiance and the goodwill that you can always remember for a lifetime.

Lyndene Hotel is open throughout the year and busy months of December that leaves staff more work as guests flock to take their respite from more than 300 days a year of working hard. Lyndene Hotel Blackpool is located in the elegant Promenade in between the South Pier and Central Pier, and it is nearby the Tower and the beautiful Pleasure Beach. Because of its proximity to beaches, and shopping center, staying at the 140 fully furnished hotel can give you the needed rest and enjoyment.

Lyndene Hotel Blackpool has been renovated

Lyndene Hotel is proud of its newly renovated licensed bars and two luxurious cabaret lounges that face the sea. It is equipped with air conditioning, WiFi and the drinks are superb. The bar and cabarets are always busy with guests who loves to taste the hotel’s wines such as Famous Grouse Bombay Sapphire, Martel, Disaronno, Carling, Bass Mild, Guinness, Boddingtons, Tetleys, Worthington & Draught Cider.

You can pick the hotel’s famous brand spirits Bells, Smirnoff, Teachers, Gordons Gin, , Glava Courvioisier, Jamieson, Pernod, Bacardi, OVD Rum, Cointreau, , Canadian Club, Dranbuie, Grand Marnier, Hennessey, Advocaat, Jack Daniels, Benedictine, Croft Original, Southern Comfort, Morgans Spiced Rum, Tia Maria, Malibu, Lambs Rum ,double, Martini, Baileys, Harveys, Bristol Cream, Cockburns Port Brandy and hot chocolate and Cappuccino. The Lyndene Hotel Blackpool’s ambiance is just like home where you can enjoy a good stay without worrying much about anything except to enjoy your vacation.

Lyndene Hotel rooms

Each 140 guest rooms are adorned with beautiful furnishings, a flat screen LCD television with free sea view at the terrace and radio to catch up the fresh morning news, safe deposit boxes for valuables, hospitality trays with complimentary items such as toilet paper, soap, bath and skin lotion, soft towels and bathrobes, hairdryer, WiFi, make up mirror and telephone. The hotel has three lifts to take you to the three storeys of the main hotel. You can also choose rooms where smoking is banned or you can have a room where smoking is allowed. When you book you can always ask the hotel staff if you want a smoke-free room or you can pick a hotel with good sea view. Lyndene Hotel Blackpool gives you nightly entertainment from local singers and musicians who frequent to the high-end bars with superb acoustic sounds that will keep your feet stomping. You can also request for musical number to satisfy your ears with soft or loud music. If you need some fun, the hotel also has stand-up comedians who can tickle your bones with their humour. Music lovers would always want to while away at night at the hotel bars because there is boundless energy from the local artists and even in the early afternoon, you can enjoy their music. Every midweek and weekends the Tribute Acts are always doing their round of gigs at the hotel to entertain guest with their music and humour.

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